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So I don't know what got me thinking this today, but do you believe in Hypnosis? Do you really think people don't know what they are doing and that people really get hypnotized? I think it is all fabricated. Do you know anyone that has been hypnotized....makes you think.

Why is it when I have dog duty that he wakes up 4 times throughout the night to go potty and when David has dog duty he only wakes up one time? Seems unfair to me lol. And we got Easton going to bed by himself...he is becoming a big boy.

I have learned really quick that through this whole potty training business we have to go straight home. I tried to stop yesterday to go to Babies R Us to get those protectors things and when I got him out of his car seat his pants were wet...go ahead put a mark on your calendars...one mark for being peed on. Isn't life grand.

I am ready to eat my chocolate cake...but it is five mins before 2. I usually eat my sweats for the day during that time.

I am so excited because on Thursday I get my hair did!!! I think I am going to go for a mullet...why oh why do people do mullets? I mean who is their hairdressers for heavens sakes, they should be fired!! How would you like you hair cut today. Umm I think I am going to go short on the top and long in the back...oh you mean you want one of my Special Mullets cuts, coming right up! I swear when I go to Wally World I see at least 3 people with a mullet and a I shake my head every time! Next time I will try to get a picture of a lady with it.

I have alot of organize in my office today, but I don't feel like doing it...wow I am have said that for a couple days now, that is why I have a lot of organizing of paperwork to do. I keep putting it off. Up it is 2:00 need to go and eat my cake lol. I will organize later!

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