Gives me Chills!

Some of you may know that my brother is soon to leave for Iraq for his second tour. It never get any easier. I can remember when he enlisted in the National Guard right out of High School. My family and I took him to Houston to send him off to Boot Camp. I told my whole family I am not going to cry, he will be back and I could be strong. HA was I wrong I cried the most. I knew what my brother was getting into and I was scared for him.

So sometime after Thanksgiving he will be leaving with other Brave Men and Women to Serve for our country. It still hasn't gotten any easier. I know it is harder on him this time because he will leave behind a beautiful wife and a preious baby girl. God will bring him home soon and safe. My sister-in-law started a blog (I am so proud of her) so if you would like to stay up to date on how they are doing you can go here.

My sister-in-law sent me this link to watch this video.
The Price of Peace" was written by Alyssa Gaddis (age 12) and Hart Steen. This video was created by the National Guard's Strength Maintenance Support Center near Nashville, Tennessee and filmed in October, 2008. "The video was Directed by Joel Evans, who works with the National Guard in Tennessee. Alyssa Gaddis and her sister Cassy Gaddis (age 16) beautifully honor National Guard Soldiers and their military families who know "The Price of Peace." The song was funded by State Farm Insurance. Thank you to CW5 Jim Gaddis and Mrs. Annette Gaddis and to the girls for this Tribute to Soldiers and Tribute to all our Troops! Deployment Ceremony and Welcome Home.

"The Price of Peach" Tribute to the Troops & Family Music Video "Extended Version" - NATIONAL GUARD
Wow is all I can say. I am not a wife of a soilder, but I am a sister, so I know how it feels to let a person you care for so much leave for war. But I can only imagine what it would be like to be the wife of a solider. I pray that God gives the strength to the spouses that are left to take care of the household while their loved ones are away fighting for our freedom.


It is time for:

You know they should line the man who shot the Men and Women who serve for our country up and each one of their family members get to take a shot at him. It is a horrible thing that happen and I hope God will make him suffer because of it.

Why now when Easton is 2 years old does David want to ask me how to discipline him. When I have been telling him from day one! What is the all of a sudden I am going to listen to my wife come into play. Scenario: Easton wants candy, so he comes to ask me, I tell him no because he has eaten dinner yet, so then he throws a fit, throws himself on the ground (then he wants me to help him up), so now he knows I won't give it to him so then he runs crying to David, whom gives it to him. Easton is 2 and already knows who to ask if he wants something.

I can't believe Christmas is almost here I am so ready for it, but then I am not! That means I have to buy gifts and spend money, when we have been doing so good about saving money. I always say that I am going to start in January to buy gifts and spend one month to that person or persons. Sounds like a good idea huh? Never comes in to play.

Alright got to go there is a baby in my office :)


The Opener

Easton First Year Hunting (4 months)

If you are person who hunts then you know what I am referring to when I say the Opener:

The ‘Opener’ refers to the first day of deer season. It’s a religious holiday held the closest Saturday to the first of November.

And it begins this weekend!!! I am so excited, we looked forward to this day every year. There is nothing better than sitting in the deer stand, listen to the birds rustle in the tress, the crows starting to crow, the squirrels jumping from tree limb to tree limb, and then when the sun begins to peek through you hear corn feeders going off and shots being fired. I always think man I want a piece of that gun fire. There is nothing better than that adrenline rush you get. I don't care if you have been hunting for 50 years or if this is you frist time to hunt, but you get this heart pumping feeling, that is awesome! So to all you deer hunters out there Good Luck this weekend. Bring home some meat.

My Deer from Last Year

Biggest deer killed by Lester last year

Easton with his Pops (last year)