The joys of being a Mommy

Ok so early in the week I talked about a story that I would share with you guys later this week, well today is the day. I am going to pre-warn you about the pictures that will be posted in this blog.

All of you know that we are potty training our little boy, which I might add he is doing great! We are three weeks into potty training. So when we are at home we usually let him run around with just a shirt and socks on. He does better that way. So last Saturday we had to go out of town so we to up and Easton went potty on the potty so we just left his underwear off. David and I started to load the car and Easton wanted to be outside too, what is new. So he climbed in the car by himself and was playing in there. I told him when he needed to go potty to let me know..."K"... So I went back inside and I was walking back out with pillows when Easton said Momma Poo, Momma Poo. I asked him you need to go poo he started shaking his head yes. So I quickly got him and ran to the potty. I am super excited that my child whom has only been potty training for 2 weeks at this time is going poop on the potty. I am jumping with joy!! So David comes in and says Babe I think the car smells like Sh*t I said surely not. I would have Sh*t on me...

So I look myself and what do you know I have Sh*t on me, not a lot just a very tiny bit. I walk into our Laundry room where David is walking back in from outside and I telling him I think there might be sh*t in the car....he just starts laughing and say oh yeah there is lol. It is on one of your Pampered Chef Catalogs. I am thinking great. No biggie. So I go and take a look for myself....(beware) and this is what I see:

My first thought was good lord that is a lot of Sh*t for a little boy and my second thought was this is funny and I need to take a picture. After I done laughing I throw the sh*t away and go to get my carpet cleaner and Lysol. And as you can tell my son gets crumbs everywhere so I figure since I am already cleaning this up I mine as well clean up all the crumbs that are on the floor of my car. I cleaning along and forgetting what just happened and I saw a chicken nugget on my flip flop I go to get the "nugget" and it wasn't a nugget!! When I picked it up I said ERG...and Dave comes out and says what I said SH****T with my hands up like an Italian man....I started laughing again I go inside to wash my hands and here comes David with the Hand Sanitizer, I think he pumped out half the bottle in my hand. So after I cleaned that up. I told Easton, you don't Poop in Mommy's car you poop on the potty, he starts looking for the dog and shaking his head and pointing at the dog saying..."dog poop", I said no you poop, again pointing at the dog saying, "dog poop," then he starts telling the dog no no no no. I was in disbelief a two year old is blaming the poop in the dog!

Moral of the story if it looks like a nugget, check twice. And to never under estimate your children on how young they learn to blame other people for what they did. Here is the mister pooper himself, getting all big:

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