I know I have been away a while...it has been busy here on the Job Site! Today is Corporate Extension Deadline...so we are hustling and bustling to get these returns out. The man in charge has taken a liking to the door that separates his office and mine to be open!!! Let's just say that my roommate and I aren't to fond of it. He thinks we get more work down. I will have to agree...because my computer faces the opening of the door which means he can see if I am surfing the net or not. This bites.

Easton's potty training is going really well. Expect for what happened on Saturday morning. But I will talk about that one day this week. I was going to focus hard core on the potty training thing this weekend, but I am going to be a new Aunt...David's brother and fiance are having their baby today...I am trying to get her to hold out until tomorrow...why you might ask, because my Birthday is tomorrow!!! Yes you can send me a gift, you don't need to ask. Back to Easton, he only had two accidents yesterday, one was at lunch and the other one was at snack and the teacher couldn't get him to the potty quick enough. I am so proud of my little boy. We have only been potty training for 3 weeks!!!

My desk is a wreck!! Papers are everywhere!!! I am out of control...lol i have to laugh cause the man in charge says it a lot! Especially around deadlines. He waits until the last min. to check returns...

Ok I need to get back to work...oh and since we have the door open in it is freezing in my office all day everyday!

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