Show Us your Lives

OK I am participating in Kelly's Korner ~Show Us Your Life:

”Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner”

She is featuring show us your Halloween Costumes.

Ever since I was a small child I have had drilled into my head (thanks mom) that we could never be something that everyone else was. So that meant you could never be a witch, fairy, vampire and so on and so on. We had to be something original. So that meant we never got to go to the store to pick out out our costumes. My mom was in charge or making our costumes. Which I never complained because we always were the stand out person whom everyone admired on the creativity or the originality of our costumes. I didn't blend in with everyone else.
So now that I am a mom I am going to continue that tradition. When I was making Easton's costume I was mumbling to myself and I stopped and just busted out laughing...David looked at me and said what is so funny. I said you know everyone says the older they get the more they turn into their mothers...well here I am!!! My mom used to always mumble when she couldn't figure something out and I always thought she was crazy for talking to herself. But I have to admit it does help talking quietly to yourself to figure out how you are going to sew this piece or how you are going to paint that piece. I am thankful for my mom being so creative and passing that gene down to me. Thanks MOM!!
OK on to what Easton was for Halloween. Every Christmas on David's side of the family we always get Whoopie Cushions so I thought it would be appropriate for Easton to be just that. So I bought some pink felt, and I filled my bathtub up with hot water and tea bags and let the felt soak. Then laid Easton on the felt to get the correct measurements and marked where his head, legs, and arms would go. I fold the fabric in half to make a half moon, so when you unfold it it will make a circle. Then I took out my Fabric Glue and glue around the edges or each piece to make them hemmed. I free handed the picture I got the look of it from the Internet. I took my pins to mark when the opening should be so I wouldn't glue them together and started gluing. I also put a little pocket on the inside of the costume so that we could put the remote farter LOL inside. Here is Mr. Whoopie


Casting Call

So I entered Easton is the GAP Casting Call!!! Everyone tells me that you should enter your boy in some kind of contest because he will win. Well let's keep our fingers crossed that he does win. You are able to enter up to 5 photos, which I didn't get to do, because some reason it took 2 of the same photos and you can't delete them after you post them. Oh well they are still really good photos, I think.

I took the photos myself last night at our church. I kept racking my brain on where we were going to take them and then all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of brinks, duh Angela take them at the church, they have that pretty white rock and a water fountain. So we rushed home and I ironed his clothes and we loaded up in the car to take the photos. Here are the 4 photos that I entered. I had to crop them so they are only of his head.

And here is the photo that I wanted to enter, but I couldn't get it cropped right where it would cut off half of his head.

So you will be getting an email to say to vote for you favorite and you better go and vote!! Because he could win Fan Fav also on top of the Casting Call! Thanks


Dirty Laudry

No I am not talking about my dirty laundry that I have growing in my laundry room, because that would be BORING to talk about. I am talking about people airing their dirty laundry. On my lunch break I decided that I was going to run some errands so I stopped by Dollar Tree (oh how I love that place)!! You feel like you buy so much and then when they tell you your total you want to cringe, but then it happens to be way lower than what you thought and you get a smile on your face. Yes I know everything is a dollar and I could have just counted all the things in my cart, but I caught up in all the exciting things I found. So back to the story, I was standing in line checking out when a lady got in line behind me. She was talking on her cell phone, and if you know me I ease drop big time, just ask my husband. Well and she wasn't really talking all that quite, I am sure the people in the back of the store could hear her to if they tried.
So she is talking to her friend (I guess). she told her friend "Chris* and I got into a huge knock out drag out fight! And I kicked him out of the house and told him don't come back, and that we are getting a divorce. Well he wanted to come and see the kids (even better) so I let him. Then I got into bed and he climb in behind me and started kissing and hugging and loving up on me. (now I don't know if they did the deed) She told Chris* that she couldn't be his therapist and yada yada yada. And girl that isn't the first time we have had a fight like that. Last time we made up and he took me to San Antonio and I thought things would have gotten better. "
I was just looking at the lady behind me and our mouths almost hit the ground. We couldn't believe that she was airing this for the whole Dollar Tree Customers to hear. I guess some people just don't care. I guess they don't think that other people are listening. Well I hate to break it to them but there ease droppers out there and I am one of them!



Why is when either David or I are gone, Easton is awesome. Not very whiny or fussy and listens to what you say yada yada yada. But the min. one of us comes back, he becomes the whiny, fussy, no minding kid. I don't get it. When I am away from him I will come home and always asked David, or usually David will tell me he was really good. All he kept saying was Momma Bye Bye, Momma Bye Bye. If they go to dinner he is awesome too. When David leaves it is the same for me. We can't figure it out.
For instant, David wanted to go fishing with his buddies, but it was an overnight trip, no biggie. So David left Sunday afternoon. Easton and I ran some errands and then we came home and play and then he went to bed. Monday morning, he woke up and I fixed him breakfast and he sat at the island and ate his oatmeal. I told him if he needed me to just holler and I proceeded to do my hair and makeup. When he was finished he yelled Momma, I dun. I put him down and he played with the dog and I finished getting ready. Got him dressed no biggie.
Tuesday I told David what I did in the morning...umm Easton sat there a whole 2 mins and then wanted David. then he whine about this and that. Then when I told him it was time to get dressed he ran away from me and laughed...I don't get it.
I think David and I need to downsize lol. (no we aren't getting a divorce or one of us isn't moving out) but it just has me confused.


Busy Weekend

We have a busy weekend planned. Tonight David, Easton, Chris, Amber, Landon, and myself are all heading to our deer lease. We have to take our camper up there to get ready for deer hunting. I am so excited. I hope that the rain will stop this evening when we get there, because I want to have a fire!!! I love this time of year...decorating for the holidays, eating good chili, wearing warm clothes, camp fire, and deer hunting. Sorry if that offends some of you guys, but I have been raised hunting since I was a little girl. So we are going to wake up tomorrow morning and go hog hunting and then we are going to come back to BMT because I have a Pampered Chef show tomorrow evening. We will see how Amber does on this one night adventure. Amber is not a roughing it kind of girl. At our lease you have to become one with nature if you would like to go to the bathroom. So when someone walks down the hill you know what they are going to do. I remember when I first met David I told him I like to hunt, (one way to keep him interested in me, and a turn on :), momma was using her brain) his mouth hit the floor. He said that he had a lease I was excited because that meant that I could go with him. So we pull up to his lease and my mouth hit the floor. I was looking around at two oooollllddd ass campers and one little shack that fits 2 bunk beds. So that meant we didn't have a Camp House, our Camp House was outside in the dust. I was in for it. I was used to a "nice" but not fancy Camp House, but something way better then what they called camp. So the first night we are sleeping in our camper, mind you there is no power so we didn't have a heater! It was cold. We are sleeping and Austin our dog wouldn't lay still so David turned on the light to see why he wouldn't lay still and we were laying on WASP!!! Umm no sir, we packed our stuff up and move to the next camper which wasn't much better but it work. Thank goodness this year we have a nicer camper and a generator when we can have our heater going. So now we do have power, TV with Satellite (guys couldn't live without that), Jugs full of water, and a covered area where we can sit. So you could say we are moving up. But pore Amber I think we are going to traumatize her for life. I can see it now her eyes getting big when we drive up lol.


Feeling Wonderful

Well many of you know that I was at an ACTS Retreat this past weekend. I am telling you it was awesome. I was so immersed in the Lord. Every time I go to one I get something totally different out of it. It is like I don't remember doing that or hearing that. And the messages hits "home" every time. I had plenty of time to reflect on my life and also to pray. I recommend everyone needs to go on a retreat, it doesn't matter if you are Catholic or not, you will def. get something out of it. You are away from the "outside world", which is really nice, but then when you come back to reality it is kinda shocking. It somewhat startled me on Sunday when I returned to my family.

Speaking of family Easton finally pooped on the potty for ME!! Who would have thought I would be excited that he pooped for me, but he has only pooped on the potty for David. The first time he was at church. Which is kinda shocking I thought. He won't even poop for his teacher Miss Maria, and he is there all day. We are continuing to chug along with this potty training.