Where did it go?

When did this

become this?

This morning when we were getting ready and E wanted to show me something. So instead of hollering Mommy or Momma, he hollered MOM! I looked at my husband and asked him if he just heard that...E just called me MOM not Mommy or Momma, MOM. It broke my heart because my little boy is growing up.

Over the weekend when I was cleaning, E decided he wanted to go and play in his room, no biggie, he shut the door, fine with me. So after 2 mins. I went to check on him, just to make sure he wasn't hanging from the ceiling, so I gently opened the door, because I didn't want to disturb him playing. Well I guess he heard the door "click" as I closed it, he came to the door opened it and said, "No Momma my room, you no!" And then slammed the door in my face! All I could do was was laugh! I was thinking excuse me you are 2 1/2 not a teenager yet!



I am wonder if this can even be possible...my best girlfriend is 1. I think scared to have a baby and 2. she doesn't know if she can have a baby. Well we always joke that I am going to have her baby for her. So I was thinking what if the Artificially Inseminate me with David's sperm and my egg and they Inseminate me with my Friends egg and her husbands sperm and then I carry around "twins" but then they really not be twins, would that be cool????? So is that possible, I don't think it is but it would be neat.

This week is busy I have an ACTS Retreat this weekend, I am super excited because my Sister-In-Law will be there. It is a such an awesome experience. I wish I could go into more detail, but it we have a thing called the "River Rule" what happens on that side of the river stays on that side of the river. It is like getting a Christmas gift and me telling you what is inside. It takes all the fun out of it.

There is a guy in my office who really makes my nerves bad. He has come in here and tris to run this place, I want to kick him where it hurts. He isn't getting any work done and for such a cocky guy who thinks he can do it all, it shouldn't be a problem right...ha ha wrong. He is doing "research" that goes into detail, that is pages and pages long. Umm get your butt to work!

Ok I am done, have a great weekend!!!


Nope NOT Me...I washed Easton's one pair of underwear that he had an accident right when I got home on Friday and put them away. I didn't let them sit until this morning when I was packing his bag to go to school.

Nope NOT Me...I didn't beat the dog because he is such a good little boy and did not chew on Easton's book or chew on my shoes try to rip his bed apart in the middle of the night.

Nope NOT Me...I cleaned house to keep myself warm this weekend since our Heater Blower quit working on us Friday night and I didn't sit around on the couch with my sweater, boots, or blanket on me to stay warm.

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