Today could be the start something good or bad

So today is the day that Easton becomes a BIG BOY!!! He will no longer be wearing diapers except to sleep in!! Him and 3 other kids at the stables (daycare) are all becoming big kids. So David and I must have patience with our Little Big Kid! I sent 6 pairs of big kid underwear, 4 changes of clothes, 2 diaper covers, 1 change of shoes, oh and a partridge in a pair tree...lol. The one thing I can't find Vinyl underwear cover I can find ones that have a waterproof cover with like underwear on the inside, but they don't want that at the stables, that prefer vinyl covers, so if you know where I can get my hands on some I would love to know. I am excited because the stables kinda have to do the grunt works as Daddy describes it, we just have to assist. So this should be fun. Can't you just wait to hear about all of our accidents we will be having lol. I have a feeling it is going to feel like when he was first born and I was getting peed and pooped on! And now packing will have to be more clothes like a newborn again. I will keep you guys updated on our progress. Please pray for David and I and for Easton to become potty trained soon!

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