It is that time again, for the Nope Not me from McKMama, where I can be PROUD of my not so good, mothering skills, wifely (is that even a word?)skills, and cleaning skills.

The South Fair is going on here where we live. We headed out there Thursday night so Easton could ride some rides and we could taste some good food. We wanted to go and watch the rodeo but by time we got there it was over. So Friday night we decided that we would take Easton back to watch the Yeehaws (horses). Well being that we are Catholic and it is Lent we can't have meat on Friday's. So we set out to find us some food. Then we came across this not so pretty vendor, (those are usually the best), and they had Shrimp and Crawfish Eggrolls...they were killer, I did not let my self have 3 because that would mean that I ate a ton of calories, Nope Not Me!

After I indulged myself in some food and the rodeo, we headed back to where they had live music, they were playing Zydeco and Easton wanted to dance. So we headed out to the dance floor, he could cut-a-rug. He was having a blast so we didn't let him stay up till 10:00 which is past his bedtime, Nope Not Us. We know that small kids need plenty of rest.

Oh it was so pretty outside this weekend. When it is pretty outside, my husband hates it, because that means we are in the yard working, I can't sit still. So while the sun was shining on Sunday we didn't take a 2 hour nap, Nope Not Us, because we were trying to get our tan on!



Oh how I LOVE Easter Time!!! Because that means it is Spring Time. The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shineing. Oh and lets all not forget the pollen is falling, so much for a clean car. But what I really love are:


Light Bulb!

I am so super excited to be a part of Transformation Thursday over at The Shabby Chic Cottage!!! I have been waiting to be a part of the transformation for awhile, but I didn't really have anything to transform or I forgot to take pictures, not this time!!! While the Hubs and I were cleaning the garage out, which you can read about it here. The hubs and I came across our old dining room table. We have had it in our garage since we moved in which was a year half ago. We were going to throw the whole thing away. But then I thought you know the table part I could sand that down and make a small table for our back patio so lets keep it. But the legs on the other hand I can't do anything with. Until a light bulb went off in my head!!!

Here is the base to the table, turn upside down of course.

I popped the base part off using my rubber mallet.

I then cut the wood into two different sections, so it would be easier to handle. I think measured from the center of the cylinder 4 inches so it would create my base. I also cut the spindle thing off the top. This was the first time I used a Miter Saw, I was really nervous. But once I made my first cut, I felt strong!

I glued the circle things back on to the cylinder. I then found some white color paint from our paint stash.

I then got my Ralph Lauren Glaze that was shown to me by the Shanty2Chic Sisters, I have fallen in LOVE with this stuff. You just paint it on and then wipe it off. The more you wipe the more that comes off. This stuff is awesome.

I then distressed this little puppy.

I decided they were looking a little plan so I add some jute and a bracket.

I think they look super cute. I love those light bulb moments!!!


Spring Time

Here recently my Hubs and I decided, you know Spring time is coming and we really need to clean out our garage, you know de-clutter. So we set out one day to get the job done. When we got done the Hubs and I looked up and just laughed. We think we had more things scattered across the yard then in the garage (well not really).

Easton will carry the EMPTY gas can around to fill up his lawn mowers and his 4-wheelers

Why someone thought it would be a good idea to put empty water jugs in the ditch, I don't know.
Then what do you know, look who we found:


Who Me?

Welcome, welcome all you folks to the "Not Me Monday!" Not Me was created by MckMama, go on over to her site to see what everyone else is saying!!!

I did not let Easton have Pringles Cheddar Cheese chips for breakfast this morning, I only believe in letting him eat nutritious meals. We don't have any type of junk food in my house, Nope Not ME!

I am totally a night person, we have friends over all the time and sometimes we play games, sometimes we just sit and talk, and sometimes we get engrossed in reality TV. I never fall asleep on my guest, Nope Not ME!

I am so on top of my laundry it isn't funny. I am telling you as soon as that washer dings, I transfer all the clothes to the dryer, then I am impatiently waiting for the dryer to get finished so I can fold those clothes. Cause I would never put about 2 weeks worth of clothes on the bed in the spare room, Nope Not ME!

So what have you done that you "didn't do" this week?? Lets here it! Don't be ashamed we all have baggage, we are all not perfect!


The Places We May Go

Oh the places we may go, my son takes for me for a ride everyday. You never know which direction he might go. One day he turns right, then next day he turns left. Having little kids makes your life sometimes drive in circles, or or take unexpected turns. But just jump in your child's car and hold on, it may be a long ride.

Can I have some beaur (juice)?


Chicken Skin

When I was little we always went to my Granny's, I loved going to my Grannies house. She lived on a big farm where she had cows, chickens, a garden, a pond where we could go fishing, everything. There was an end list amount of activities to do there. We would play in the hay loft, ride our bikes for miles, get lost in the attic with playing dress up, play the Organ. We were outside until we went to bed. I have memories of waking up to my Granny cooking for all of my cousin, my two brothers, and me breakfast, we all got to pick what we wanted for breakfast, everyone had their favorite, mine was French Toast. Then we would run outside to see what kind of adventure we could get into. My Granny always cooked from scratch I wished when I was younger that I wanted to stay inside to learn how she cooked so well.

My Granny was a true Czech women, who grew up picking cotton with her bare hands. Who knew how to drive a tractor and how to milk a cow. She was an awesome lady. She was also very strong in her Catholic Faith, we went to church everyday! When you are kid you don't necessarily understand why, but we went anyway. My Granny also had her Virgin Mary room where we would go and pray the Rosary daily also. Call me crazy but the Virgin Mary has cried tears of blood and also just cried tears!

But there was something wrong with hers and my relationship. When I was 3 my mom said I asked her "Why doesn't Granny like me?" She replied with "I don't know sweetheart." My cousin's and brothers would always get "something" from Walmart, (that was the only store in town other than Bill's Dollar Store) except for me...why I don't know. When I got older I just learned to live with it.

Well now that I am married my family and I attend Church all the time. My son loves going to "God's House". I he is getting the process of what we do in church and that we also pray there. It makes me smile when I hear him recite parts of the mass. I think out of my entire family we are the only ones who go on a regular basis. I wish my Granny could be here to see it, I would love to hear the words from her mouth that she is proud of me. So I have been asking for a sign that for once in MY Life I know she is proud of me. I got that confirmation the other day!

On Face book I made a post that: I had a busy evening, I had to meet a lady in Kountze, 6:00 was Mass, 6:30 was Stations and 7:00 was Sushi.

My Aunts Sister-in-Law (whom knew my Granny well) posted: Good Girl Angela!!! You are so cute!!

Me: Thanks! We have made it a commitment to go to church and stations every Friday for Lent. Easton gets excited when I tell him we are going to God's house. He loves going.

Joan: Your GRANDMOTHER is smiling from Heaven right now!!

Me: Insert the Chicken Skin (goosebumps) That is so what I needed to hear you don't understand! I have been waiting for a sign from her about her watching down over my family and I finally got it!! Wow! I hope I am making her proud!


Big Shocker

I cannot believe that is has been almost 7 years ago since I was blindsided with the news that changed our family still to this day.

I remember the day as clear as water. I was sitting in my apartment about to study for my exam when I got a call from my now sister-in-law. I answered the phone because I was glad to hear from her and I could tell the second she opened her mouth that something was wrong. She cried the words "She's gone!"...a world wind of thoughts went through my head. "WHO, who is gone," I asked. "Mom, mom she gone," she replied. Me thinking the worst, "What do you mean she is gone." I almost lost my mother once before and it was too early in my life for her to be gone. Kim replied with, "she left, she moved out!" "What! What do you mean she moved out?" She explained to me that my mom had hired a moving company to come and move all of her belongings out of my parents house. She replaced the pictures that she took off the wall with other pictures that were laying around the house, the couch with the couch that was in our game room, so she didn't leave the house a total disaster. She did all of this the opening weekend of deer season when she knew my dad would be out of town. My older brother asked her as she left, "are you going to file for a divorce?" She told him, "I don't know." She wrote a letter to my dad explaining everything.

After I calmed down, I tried to call my mom, but she didn't answer. Which really hurt, but at the time, I don't think she was ready to face her children with the news. My parents were married for 27 years, I was the last of the kids to leave the house. Later that evening my mother finally called me back. I tried to talk her into going back and to try to do some counseling. She told me that they tried and it didn't work. I told her you can't get a divorce, when you said your vows you said to death do us part. I didn't want to be the only family in our little town who had divorced parents, I was more embarrassed about the fact. At the time, I would have rather my mom live in misery and not have the divorce label, then to let her live her life happily and have the divorce label, for the sake of me. I asked my mom why after all these years you decide to get a divorce now. She told me that I was the only girl, and that we did everything together. She told me when I moved out of the house, that she felt like she didn't have anything to live for at the house and then that my parents didn't do anything together, which she was right. So she felt it best that they get a divorce.

I am happy that she stood up for herself and that she had the will power to do so. Not that many women feel that they are strong enough to do so. My mom has since met a wonderful man, who treats her wonderful and she is 100% happy. He will never me my Dad Dad but I am proud to say is my Dad.

It is still hard for my dad, he still hasn't gotten over the fact that they are not married anymore and he still loves her deeply, but like I tell him all the time, Dad you have to move on!
Mama's Losin' It


Nope Not Me

Oh how I love to remember the week of all the Not Me's, that have gone on! If my husband or I leave the area that my son was just in shaking our heads and smiling, you never know what you are going to find.

Nope Not Me! I didn't watch my son fall in the mud this weekend and laugh at him or let him walk around with wet muddy pants on while I finished painting, which took at least 45 mins. Nope Not Me!

Nope Not Me! When it was nap time for E this weekend he wanted to go to bed with 6balls, 4 trucks, 2 stuffed animals, and his keys! How he slept on all of that I have no clue, but that is what he wanted so that is what he got lol. Nope Not Me!

Nope Not Me! Did I watch my son slap HOT girls on the butt at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Cook-off. My husband nor I or our friends encouraged E to do any of that, we did not let him take pictures with any of the HOT girls. We didn't point out any HOT girls to him, he picked them on his own. Nope Not Me!