Fly Birdie

Let Dove Season be open. While I was doing my garage sale hunting, David and Easton were shoot doves. I know what you are think, that is so mean that you guys kill birds or any animal for that matter. But think of it like this, if we didn't kill off the animals we would be over populated. Some animals reproduce quicker that others. So therefore we must control the population. If we don't then it will be like that movies "Birds" we will be attacked by them. So David and Easton dress to the 9's in the Camo and ventured out to Freddy and Kristen's back yard. David said Easton cried the first time David shot the gun. He didn't understand why, because we play hunt all the time. So David put him in Freddy's truck where he enjoyed himself. The boys got a couple of birds, which is better than no. The dove were flying really high!! Here is a picture of my two babies enjoying some outdoor time together.

No you can't have them, they are mine!!!

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