Nope Not Me

Oh how I love to remember the week of all the Not Me's, that have gone on! If my husband or I leave the area that my son was just in shaking our heads and smiling, you never know what you are going to find.

Nope Not Me! I didn't watch my son fall in the mud this weekend and laugh at him or let him walk around with wet muddy pants on while I finished painting, which took at least 45 mins. Nope Not Me!

Nope Not Me! When it was nap time for E this weekend he wanted to go to bed with 6balls, 4 trucks, 2 stuffed animals, and his keys! How he slept on all of that I have no clue, but that is what he wanted so that is what he got lol. Nope Not Me!

Nope Not Me! Did I watch my son slap HOT girls on the butt at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Cook-off. My husband nor I or our friends encouraged E to do any of that, we did not let him take pictures with any of the HOT girls. We didn't point out any HOT girls to him, he picked them on his own. Nope Not Me!

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  1. sounds like he is starting young...too cute. have a good monday!