Light Bulb!

I am so super excited to be a part of Transformation Thursday over at The Shabby Chic Cottage!!! I have been waiting to be a part of the transformation for awhile, but I didn't really have anything to transform or I forgot to take pictures, not this time!!! While the Hubs and I were cleaning the garage out, which you can read about it here. The hubs and I came across our old dining room table. We have had it in our garage since we moved in which was a year half ago. We were going to throw the whole thing away. But then I thought you know the table part I could sand that down and make a small table for our back patio so lets keep it. But the legs on the other hand I can't do anything with. Until a light bulb went off in my head!!!

Here is the base to the table, turn upside down of course.

I popped the base part off using my rubber mallet.

I then cut the wood into two different sections, so it would be easier to handle. I think measured from the center of the cylinder 4 inches so it would create my base. I also cut the spindle thing off the top. This was the first time I used a Miter Saw, I was really nervous. But once I made my first cut, I felt strong!

I glued the circle things back on to the cylinder. I then found some white color paint from our paint stash.

I then got my Ralph Lauren Glaze that was shown to me by the Shanty2Chic Sisters, I have fallen in LOVE with this stuff. You just paint it on and then wipe it off. The more you wipe the more that comes off. This stuff is awesome.

I then distressed this little puppy.

I decided they were looking a little plan so I add some jute and a bracket.

I think they look super cute. I love those light bulb moments!!!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE ANG!!!! I cant wait to get mine ;)

    TOOOO CUTE- you're so shabby chic

  2. Very clever! I'm scared of anything that is large, sharp and spins! You are so brave! I would have never guessed those came from a table base! Great job!


  3. good thinking of what to use those table legs for,, they look great!

  4. Awesome Ang! You did a great job on those, wish I had your green thumb of decorating.

  5. That was a major light bulb that went off! Love it!! Thank you for linking up to It's a Hodgepodge Friday! I love seeing what you have been up to. I hope to see you again.