Chicken Skin

When I was little we always went to my Granny's, I loved going to my Grannies house. She lived on a big farm where she had cows, chickens, a garden, a pond where we could go fishing, everything. There was an end list amount of activities to do there. We would play in the hay loft, ride our bikes for miles, get lost in the attic with playing dress up, play the Organ. We were outside until we went to bed. I have memories of waking up to my Granny cooking for all of my cousin, my two brothers, and me breakfast, we all got to pick what we wanted for breakfast, everyone had their favorite, mine was French Toast. Then we would run outside to see what kind of adventure we could get into. My Granny always cooked from scratch I wished when I was younger that I wanted to stay inside to learn how she cooked so well.

My Granny was a true Czech women, who grew up picking cotton with her bare hands. Who knew how to drive a tractor and how to milk a cow. She was an awesome lady. She was also very strong in her Catholic Faith, we went to church everyday! When you are kid you don't necessarily understand why, but we went anyway. My Granny also had her Virgin Mary room where we would go and pray the Rosary daily also. Call me crazy but the Virgin Mary has cried tears of blood and also just cried tears!

But there was something wrong with hers and my relationship. When I was 3 my mom said I asked her "Why doesn't Granny like me?" She replied with "I don't know sweetheart." My cousin's and brothers would always get "something" from Walmart, (that was the only store in town other than Bill's Dollar Store) except for me...why I don't know. When I got older I just learned to live with it.

Well now that I am married my family and I attend Church all the time. My son loves going to "God's House". I he is getting the process of what we do in church and that we also pray there. It makes me smile when I hear him recite parts of the mass. I think out of my entire family we are the only ones who go on a regular basis. I wish my Granny could be here to see it, I would love to hear the words from her mouth that she is proud of me. So I have been asking for a sign that for once in MY Life I know she is proud of me. I got that confirmation the other day!

On Face book I made a post that: I had a busy evening, I had to meet a lady in Kountze, 6:00 was Mass, 6:30 was Stations and 7:00 was Sushi.

My Aunts Sister-in-Law (whom knew my Granny well) posted: Good Girl Angela!!! You are so cute!!

Me: Thanks! We have made it a commitment to go to church and stations every Friday for Lent. Easton gets excited when I tell him we are going to God's house. He loves going.

Joan: Your GRANDMOTHER is smiling from Heaven right now!!

Me: Insert the Chicken Skin (goosebumps) That is so what I needed to hear you don't understand! I have been waiting for a sign from her about her watching down over my family and I finally got it!! Wow! I hope I am making her proud!

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