It is that time again, for the Nope Not me from McKMama, where I can be PROUD of my not so good, mothering skills, wifely (is that even a word?)skills, and cleaning skills.

The South Fair is going on here where we live. We headed out there Thursday night so Easton could ride some rides and we could taste some good food. We wanted to go and watch the rodeo but by time we got there it was over. So Friday night we decided that we would take Easton back to watch the Yeehaws (horses). Well being that we are Catholic and it is Lent we can't have meat on Friday's. So we set out to find us some food. Then we came across this not so pretty vendor, (those are usually the best), and they had Shrimp and Crawfish Eggrolls...they were killer, I did not let my self have 3 because that would mean that I ate a ton of calories, Nope Not Me!

After I indulged myself in some food and the rodeo, we headed back to where they had live music, they were playing Zydeco and Easton wanted to dance. So we headed out to the dance floor, he could cut-a-rug. He was having a blast so we didn't let him stay up till 10:00 which is past his bedtime, Nope Not Us. We know that small kids need plenty of rest.

Oh it was so pretty outside this weekend. When it is pretty outside, my husband hates it, because that means we are in the yard working, I can't sit still. So while the sun was shining on Sunday we didn't take a 2 hour nap, Nope Not Us, because we were trying to get our tan on!

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