Who Me?

Welcome, welcome all you folks to the "Not Me Monday!" Not Me was created by MckMama, go on over to her site to see what everyone else is saying!!!

I did not let Easton have Pringles Cheddar Cheese chips for breakfast this morning, I only believe in letting him eat nutritious meals. We don't have any type of junk food in my house, Nope Not ME!

I am totally a night person, we have friends over all the time and sometimes we play games, sometimes we just sit and talk, and sometimes we get engrossed in reality TV. I never fall asleep on my guest, Nope Not ME!

I am so on top of my laundry it isn't funny. I am telling you as soon as that washer dings, I transfer all the clothes to the dryer, then I am impatiently waiting for the dryer to get finished so I can fold those clothes. Cause I would never put about 2 weeks worth of clothes on the bed in the spare room, Nope Not ME!

So what have you done that you "didn't do" this week?? Lets here it! Don't be ashamed we all have baggage, we are all not perfect!


  1. I so do NOT get the laundry thing!!
    Enjoyed your not me's!
    Have a good week,

  2. totally with you on the laundry thing - I NEVER let it pile up ... ; )

  3. Mmm! Chips for breakfast! LOL about the laundry. Last week my NMM post was all about the laundry I DID NOT put on my guest bed! :) Have a good week!

  4. this totally cracked me up! I a so proud of you for staying up last night..good job ang...love ya sis!