Show Us your Lives

OK I am participating in Kelly's Korner ~Show Us Your Life:

”Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner”

She is featuring show us your Halloween Costumes.

Ever since I was a small child I have had drilled into my head (thanks mom) that we could never be something that everyone else was. So that meant you could never be a witch, fairy, vampire and so on and so on. We had to be something original. So that meant we never got to go to the store to pick out out our costumes. My mom was in charge or making our costumes. Which I never complained because we always were the stand out person whom everyone admired on the creativity or the originality of our costumes. I didn't blend in with everyone else.
So now that I am a mom I am going to continue that tradition. When I was making Easton's costume I was mumbling to myself and I stopped and just busted out laughing...David looked at me and said what is so funny. I said you know everyone says the older they get the more they turn into their mothers...well here I am!!! My mom used to always mumble when she couldn't figure something out and I always thought she was crazy for talking to herself. But I have to admit it does help talking quietly to yourself to figure out how you are going to sew this piece or how you are going to paint that piece. I am thankful for my mom being so creative and passing that gene down to me. Thanks MOM!!
OK on to what Easton was for Halloween. Every Christmas on David's side of the family we always get Whoopie Cushions so I thought it would be appropriate for Easton to be just that. So I bought some pink felt, and I filled my bathtub up with hot water and tea bags and let the felt soak. Then laid Easton on the felt to get the correct measurements and marked where his head, legs, and arms would go. I fold the fabric in half to make a half moon, so when you unfold it it will make a circle. Then I took out my Fabric Glue and glue around the edges or each piece to make them hemmed. I free handed the picture I got the look of it from the Internet. I took my pins to mark when the opening should be so I wouldn't glue them together and started gluing. I also put a little pocket on the inside of the costume so that we could put the remote farter LOL inside. Here is Mr. Whoopie

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