Busy Weekend

We have a busy weekend planned. Tonight David, Easton, Chris, Amber, Landon, and myself are all heading to our deer lease. We have to take our camper up there to get ready for deer hunting. I am so excited. I hope that the rain will stop this evening when we get there, because I want to have a fire!!! I love this time of year...decorating for the holidays, eating good chili, wearing warm clothes, camp fire, and deer hunting. Sorry if that offends some of you guys, but I have been raised hunting since I was a little girl. So we are going to wake up tomorrow morning and go hog hunting and then we are going to come back to BMT because I have a Pampered Chef show tomorrow evening. We will see how Amber does on this one night adventure. Amber is not a roughing it kind of girl. At our lease you have to become one with nature if you would like to go to the bathroom. So when someone walks down the hill you know what they are going to do. I remember when I first met David I told him I like to hunt, (one way to keep him interested in me, and a turn on :), momma was using her brain) his mouth hit the floor. He said that he had a lease I was excited because that meant that I could go with him. So we pull up to his lease and my mouth hit the floor. I was looking around at two oooollllddd ass campers and one little shack that fits 2 bunk beds. So that meant we didn't have a Camp House, our Camp House was outside in the dust. I was in for it. I was used to a "nice" but not fancy Camp House, but something way better then what they called camp. So the first night we are sleeping in our camper, mind you there is no power so we didn't have a heater! It was cold. We are sleeping and Austin our dog wouldn't lay still so David turned on the light to see why he wouldn't lay still and we were laying on WASP!!! Umm no sir, we packed our stuff up and move to the next camper which wasn't much better but it work. Thank goodness this year we have a nicer camper and a generator when we can have our heater going. So now we do have power, TV with Satellite (guys couldn't live without that), Jugs full of water, and a covered area where we can sit. So you could say we are moving up. But pore Amber I think we are going to traumatize her for life. I can see it now her eyes getting big when we drive up lol.

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