Casting Call

So I entered Easton is the GAP Casting Call!!! Everyone tells me that you should enter your boy in some kind of contest because he will win. Well let's keep our fingers crossed that he does win. You are able to enter up to 5 photos, which I didn't get to do, because some reason it took 2 of the same photos and you can't delete them after you post them. Oh well they are still really good photos, I think.

I took the photos myself last night at our church. I kept racking my brain on where we were going to take them and then all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of brinks, duh Angela take them at the church, they have that pretty white rock and a water fountain. So we rushed home and I ironed his clothes and we loaded up in the car to take the photos. Here are the 4 photos that I entered. I had to crop them so they are only of his head.

And here is the photo that I wanted to enter, but I couldn't get it cropped right where it would cut off half of his head.

So you will be getting an email to say to vote for you favorite and you better go and vote!! Because he could win Fan Fav also on top of the Casting Call! Thanks

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