Feeling Wonderful

Well many of you know that I was at an ACTS Retreat this past weekend. I am telling you it was awesome. I was so immersed in the Lord. Every time I go to one I get something totally different out of it. It is like I don't remember doing that or hearing that. And the messages hits "home" every time. I had plenty of time to reflect on my life and also to pray. I recommend everyone needs to go on a retreat, it doesn't matter if you are Catholic or not, you will def. get something out of it. You are away from the "outside world", which is really nice, but then when you come back to reality it is kinda shocking. It somewhat startled me on Sunday when I returned to my family.

Speaking of family Easton finally pooped on the potty for ME!! Who would have thought I would be excited that he pooped for me, but he has only pooped on the potty for David. The first time he was at church. Which is kinda shocking I thought. He won't even poop for his teacher Miss Maria, and he is there all day. We are continuing to chug along with this potty training.

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