Dirty Laudry

No I am not talking about my dirty laundry that I have growing in my laundry room, because that would be BORING to talk about. I am talking about people airing their dirty laundry. On my lunch break I decided that I was going to run some errands so I stopped by Dollar Tree (oh how I love that place)!! You feel like you buy so much and then when they tell you your total you want to cringe, but then it happens to be way lower than what you thought and you get a smile on your face. Yes I know everything is a dollar and I could have just counted all the things in my cart, but I caught up in all the exciting things I found. So back to the story, I was standing in line checking out when a lady got in line behind me. She was talking on her cell phone, and if you know me I ease drop big time, just ask my husband. Well and she wasn't really talking all that quite, I am sure the people in the back of the store could hear her to if they tried.
So she is talking to her friend (I guess). she told her friend "Chris* and I got into a huge knock out drag out fight! And I kicked him out of the house and told him don't come back, and that we are getting a divorce. Well he wanted to come and see the kids (even better) so I let him. Then I got into bed and he climb in behind me and started kissing and hugging and loving up on me. (now I don't know if they did the deed) She told Chris* that she couldn't be his therapist and yada yada yada. And girl that isn't the first time we have had a fight like that. Last time we made up and he took me to San Antonio and I thought things would have gotten better. "
I was just looking at the lady behind me and our mouths almost hit the ground. We couldn't believe that she was airing this for the whole Dollar Tree Customers to hear. I guess some people just don't care. I guess they don't think that other people are listening. Well I hate to break it to them but there ease droppers out there and I am one of them!

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