This little Rascal

About two months we were down in my hometown visiting my family and friends for the day. We had left our dog Austin at my Dad's house while we went to our friends house, no biggie. When we got back we let the dogs outside to run and play. Well the dogs started barking so we knew somebody was there so we walked outside to see who it was and it was man carrying our dog Austin, whom got ran over by a truck. The heartless people didn't even stop. To say the least it was a LONG ride back home. David and I cried and cried. We decided that we would bury Austin in our back yard. Well every time we are outside Easton will say Dog and will point to where Austin is buried. When we mow grass he will wave and blow kisses to Austin...it is sad...

So for Easton's 2nd Birthday David decided that we need to get Easton another dog...no biggie. We went and looked at two different sets and decided to get one!! Well this little rascal cutie of a dog is becoming a responsibility of mine and only mine. I have to get up the middle of the night when Tanner starts biting and licking me to take him outside to go potty. I have to give him food and water...I, I , I! I ask my husband, babe can you please help me with taking Tanner outside so that he doesn't Poop or Pee in the house. His response, oh I am sorry I didn't know that he just ate...ummm we do the same routine every morning, sorry that I didn't mention to you this morning that hey I just fed the dog, so in 10 or so mins he needs to go outside...Men!! But I still love them both!!

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