Turn Your Back

OK so yesterday I got some of my products that I order from what I sell...I can't just blatantly come out and say what I sell there is some law against it, but if you would like to know just email me :). I decided that I wanted to purchase some Jamaican Jerk Rub...David has been to Jamaica before and my relatives are from there, but I have never been or met my relatives. David said that that is common ingredient in all their cooking. So we decided to step out on a limb and try a new season. OK get to the story...so yesterday when I received my package I was excited to open it. I immediately got online and searched for a recipe online from website that I get all my info about my products etc. And I found one. I had all the ingredients! Score!!! (I will def. be using this recipe as a feature in next weeks Recipe of the Week!!!)
So when we get home from Work/School, Easton always wants a snack, but first we have to let Tanner out...So back inside, Easton says eat eat...ok so he wanted a waffle no biggie, we put in the microwave, I put him in his chair. Waffle is done I pull it out and put it in a bowl. The he points to the fridge and say orgrt. So I reply with you want yogurt. He shakes his head yes. So I get that for him... and then I start with preparing dinner. Easton is being really good. He is all about dipping stuff. So lets picture this...Easton is dipping his waffle into his yogurt, no big deal. Well I turn away and I start loading the dishwasher and I turn back around and I find this:

And This!!!

So all together Easton has Waffle, Yogurt, & Cheese for his Snack...good and nutritious!!! It made me laugh and that is all that matters...I hope you got your fill of laughter today too!

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