Our Little Bug is 2!!!

731 days, 17,544 hours, 1,052,640 minutes, 63,158,400 seconds iwe were blessed with a little boy. On Monday of last week he turn 2!!!
The past weekend we were joined with Family and Friends to celebrate his birthday. The theme for the party was Bugs, he loves bugs. If he see one crawling on the ground he will stomp on it and then if he sees one dead he will reach for a paper towel so that he can pick it up and throw it away. He LOVES finding bugs.
We had Creepy Crawlers (hot dogs) June BugsI forgot to heat them up...Ants on a Log (celery with peanut butter and raisens) Lady Bug Crackers (Tomatoes and Olives on crackers) Lady Bug Lemondae (Lemondate with Red Food Coloring and Frozen Blackberries) Grass hoppper with Dip insdie (Bell Pepper with Green Onions as legs) and my Fav. of it all is the Grass hopper Cake, that I made!!!

He loves attention!! nothing like his momma at all He didn't want us to stop singing to him.
When he was opening his gifts we were laughing at this face and this face.....

Everytime he opened a gift he would OOOOHHHHHH!!!! OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!! We laughed so hard! It was too cute. He opened one gift said OOOHHHH!!! And started shoving the tissue paper back into the back because all that was in the gift bag was clothes, I guess he didn't like it. Too bad because Momma liked them!!
P.S. I hope you have enjoyed my 1st Blog....Many more to come!!!

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