Scarf It

I finally Scarfed it, and no I am not talking about scarfing down food, I finally made something!! I have been like a lot of things that come from Make it and Love it, and so I thought hmm I can make that scarf she is wearing HERE. Mine doesn't look quite like her but, it is not far off. I haven't used a sewing machine in YEARS!!! So the lines aren't straight on it on it lol, but you know what that is what gives it personality. You might be seeing in me a couple different colors. So don't have fear of the sewing machine, just practice on just scrap material and you will get the hang of it. And always have a postive attitude "Make It and Love It!"


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  2. Great Job Girlie, you have such a creative side! Wish some could rub off on me...lol.