Are you every to young? It makes me wonder? Easton has a "girlfriend" I think at school. Do they even know what they are doing, who knows, they are 2 1/2. The other day I went to pick Easton up and like usual he runs to me and then we gather his stuff from his hook. Well his little "Girlfriend" whom I love, is like a normal girl, wants to be noisy, so she always talks to me. Well we are leaving and she goes, " Bye Easton, I love you." Easton gets down out of my arms goes over to her, puts his arms around her and gives her a kiss on her lips and she reciprocates. It was the cutest thing. So everyday they have to give each other a kiss. Ms. E-ah says that they are "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" I said well she is basically the only girl in his class I am sure she is all the boys "girlfriend", Ms E-ah, said no they always run back to each other. AWWW. So today I am at work and the teachers really like me so they call me all the time and tell me what my brilliant child is doing and they send me this:

(sorry for the quality, it was from a camera phone)

Who know what they are talking about, I sure would like to know. (When we get old, I am going to take care of you, or I love you hugs, or we make a great team) who know and who cares let them love on each other. Then I call the Daycare and they tell what he was doing at nap time. Ms. E-ah told Easton to go lay down so he did. He had half of his body on his mat and the other half on the carpent. Then he had his elbow bent and his head resting on this hand with his other hand reaching out to his "Girlfriend" I told the teacher you make sure you stay in that room, we don't need to have a talk about the birds and the bees. ha ha. Lord help us these kids are too young. But I guess we are going to have to get her something for Valentine Day!! Aww. Our first gift for our "girlfriend". Mom.....

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