Super Excited

Yesterday my lovely husband picked our Little-Growing-Up-Before-My-Eyes Boy from his little school, because I wasn't feeling really good and also because I had a meeting. Well I am laying on the couch and I get to thinking you know before I get really comfy I need to find my phone, so hunted for it. Well I found it and I had 5 missed calls from my hubby. He will keep calling until I answer my phone. Drives me insane!!! So I call him back and he said well babe you don't have to do laundry tonight, Easton didn't have any potty accidents!!! YEAH!!!
We have to drive by this one house everyday on our way home and the kids are always outside on their bikes and everytime we pass it he says, Momma I wha Bike, Momma. Me Bike Momma. And I tell him if you go pee pee on the potty all the time and have no accidents Momma will get you a bike. Well I guess here shortly I am going to have to buy a bike. I will keep you updated on how many accidents we have over the weekend. I am so ready for him to be out of diapers, we have been potty training since August.

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