Not so ready

I am not so ready for Christmas to be here. I am just not in the Christmas spirit this year!! I have all of my nieces presents bought, but they are not wrapped. I have to finish Easton's teachers gifts, and those aren't wrapped of course, I got Easton's gift for his little friend at scholl bought but like the rest of the gifts it isn't wrapped, I haven't bought any gifts for Easton yet, so guess what I am going to have to do wrap those too, we have a Christmas party to go tomorrow night, and those gifts aren't wrapped....are you getting the picture! I am over my head in wrapping gifts. Another trait I get from my mom, I can' just wrap them, I must put a bow on them and make sure they are creased just right, and find cute little tags...but this year...I think I am just going to wrap them...crap I might let Easton wrap them, lol we will see.

I am not looking forward to this Christmas party tomorrow night. Because I have to make a easy cheese ball, and I am also going to make some Wassail, which from what I heard was really easy. But I know our Friend we will call her Tammy is going to want to play games until the crack of dawn, which is fine, but I work, she is a SAHM (stay at home mom) who sleeps in until 10. I have a son who gets up at 6. So David and I get tired early. Well then there will be other kids there. Lil Bean is 9 months old and will not for the love of pete go to bed. Poor thing last time we were there they stayed until 12 and she was so fussy cause she was so tired but they wouldn't leave and then there is Big Girl, who isn't quite old enough to play games but wants to play games with us, so a game of Pictonary will turn in about bunch of scribble when she draws so then I get frustrated, because I can get very competitive at the game. And we usually play guys against girls so the guys always laugh because she has to be on our team, beacause she is a girl. And then you Taz who will run around like a banchie with his head cut off and just scream because he can't control it...messing everything us and spilling drinks he is just crazy.

So I am glad that we have to go to my family's Christmas the next morning so that means we won't be staying late...Thanks Goodness!

Merry Christmas!!!

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