Another Giveaway

OK I have fallen in love with taking pictures and editing them. I recently took some pictures for my brother, sister-in-law and nieces before my brother got deployed for his second tour to Iraq. Well I downloaded the trail version on Lightroom and let me tell you if I could fork over that money to get me the real version I would go broke. I am not a professional photographer so I don't see it worth paying that much. But I was reading one my Blogs called MckMama, whom I have gotten great information about taking pictures. Well I was reading her blog and she has a chance where I can win Lightroom OMG!!! That would be so awesome!!! You would be amazing on what you can do with this program...I mean I am not savvy on all the things you can do with the program but I am familiar enough to know that that is a heck of a thing to win. Here are a couple pictures of E with me using the Lightroom!

Here is the original picture from our little photo shoot:

And here is the same photo with me using the editing tools of Lightroom!

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