I am wonder if this can even be possible...my best girlfriend is 1. I think scared to have a baby and 2. she doesn't know if she can have a baby. Well we always joke that I am going to have her baby for her. So I was thinking what if the Artificially Inseminate me with David's sperm and my egg and they Inseminate me with my Friends egg and her husbands sperm and then I carry around "twins" but then they really not be twins, would that be cool????? So is that possible, I don't think it is but it would be neat.

This week is busy I have an ACTS Retreat this weekend, I am super excited because my Sister-In-Law will be there. It is a such an awesome experience. I wish I could go into more detail, but it we have a thing called the "River Rule" what happens on that side of the river stays on that side of the river. It is like getting a Christmas gift and me telling you what is inside. It takes all the fun out of it.

There is a guy in my office who really makes my nerves bad. He has come in here and tris to run this place, I want to kick him where it hurts. He isn't getting any work done and for such a cocky guy who thinks he can do it all, it shouldn't be a problem right...ha ha wrong. He is doing "research" that goes into detail, that is pages and pages long. Umm get your butt to work!

Ok I am done, have a great weekend!!!


  1. The retreat sounds fun, and for the guy in the office, I understand that feeling you have for sure

  2. You are a great friend!

    Happy RTT!