It is time for:

You know they should line the man who shot the Men and Women who serve for our country up and each one of their family members get to take a shot at him. It is a horrible thing that happen and I hope God will make him suffer because of it.

Why now when Easton is 2 years old does David want to ask me how to discipline him. When I have been telling him from day one! What is the all of a sudden I am going to listen to my wife come into play. Scenario: Easton wants candy, so he comes to ask me, I tell him no because he has eaten dinner yet, so then he throws a fit, throws himself on the ground (then he wants me to help him up), so now he knows I won't give it to him so then he runs crying to David, whom gives it to him. Easton is 2 and already knows who to ask if he wants something.

I can't believe Christmas is almost here I am so ready for it, but then I am not! That means I have to buy gifts and spend money, when we have been doing so good about saving money. I always say that I am going to start in January to buy gifts and spend one month to that person or persons. Sounds like a good idea huh? Never comes in to play.

Alright got to go there is a baby in my office :)

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