What you mean

I thank God everyday of my life for sending me this special Friend, I have prayed and prayed for a Godly Friend and my prayers have been answered. Low and behold after we have compared notes, this friend of mine prayed for a Godly Friend also. It is a match made in Heaven! We are the best of buds. When she is down I am right there to pick her up and when I am down she is right there to pick me up! I honestly don't know where I would be without her.
I know God takes people out of your life and puts better people in your life to take there spot, but I didn't know at what magnitude. Wow! Anytime I need her she is always there and vise verse.
She loves her some "baby" Easton, even though he tells her all the time, I not a baby, I a boy. He loves to hid from her when she comes over and scare her. When she is around Momma and Daddy can't do anything it is always Aut Anna turn! Here is Easton with his Aut Anna, he is saying cheese lol!

Thank you Anna for being the friend you are, and thank you God for placing Anna in my life!

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