Any Day

Sorry I have been away for awhile, but I have been super busy. I promise I will write more! Today I am linking up with Mckmama on her Not Me Mondays!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I look at my baby, whom some days wants to be a baby and some days, wants to be a big boy. Wow how they grow up fast. He is becoming more independent and can play by himself. He even has a girlfriend.

But he still loves his momma and I wouldn't trade these mornings for anything. I would be late everyday for some cuddle time with my baby. This morning he wanted ME to come and lay with him, not his Daddy. He put one arm around my neck and held my hand with the other. I told him I had 5 mins, and he whispered ok...we laid there and I tried to get up, but he wasn't having it. He grabbed me and pulled me back down. So this is how we laid...I would never come into work late for some cuddle time with my baby...NOPE NOT ME!


  1. AWW- I just love baby E...so cute! You're going to be really late for work when you have two wanting you to sleep in the bed! :)